Sunday, 7 May 2017

Women are empowered when they worship, own and embrace their sexuality.

The connection with your sexual self is the thing that transforms you from female into brilliant Goddess and it is likewise what stirs your body to an array of powerful and healing sensations.

In it's fundamental aspect a Yoni massage is an internal massage of the vagina that is a part of the exotic Tantric experience. It is a full mind, body and soul encounter; it is enabling, mending and arousing and it is a celebration of all that you are as woman.

The massage is significantly more a mental and profound experience than it is physical, consequently it is experienced differently depending upon the emotional and mental association at the time. It is a pleasurable blessing that should be given slowly as it is a deep expression of appreciation.

Our physical, spiritual and emotional health are all connected to our sexual organs, therefore, if there are any blockages due to toxins, our life force also known as sexual energy cannot travel freely through the body.

During a Yoni massage blockages are discharged, poisons are broken down and the blood flow is expanded to the sexual organs. Female ejaculation often happens amid the massage, which encourages the release of any negative feelings and furthermore it clears the sacred space to permit a more profound level of sexual joy to be enoy.

While the massage is occurring, knots that hold negative feeling are felt as little blockages in the surface, which can be relaxed and separated and more profound tangles can likewise be diffused with
Relax into pleasure with Yoni Massage
a firmer massage at a greater depth.

Emotional, physical, and mental healing happens amid the Yoni session. Every past hurt can be discharged including frustration, guilt, shame, abuse, disappointments and more.

To make it the truly memorable experience it should be, it is better to unwind into it and enable it to happen naturally, and treat it as a new experience, so there is no attachment to the result. Appreciate every minute and consider it to be an otherworldly pilgrimage, without thinking ahead and furthermore without adding any pressure or having any perceived.

The Yoni experience is a way to a deep, enriching connection, and also a path to spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Before the Yoni massage takes place, I recommend connecting with your inner-Goddess and recognising your beauty, divine strength and the powerful aspects of the femininity.

These are things I assit you with during the pre meeting, allowing you to truly let go.

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