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Preparing the body, mind and spirit to experience a Yoni Massage

To prepare for a Yoni massage it is important to create a sacred space for it to take place, a safe haven to explore and discover the sacredness of the Yoni.

Bathe first, adding oils, and soak the skin while letting go of everything that has been spinning around in the mind. Do not rush this cleansing time. Use it as a chance to really let go and allow the muscles to relax while the mind slows right down and clears the way for the sensual sexual energy to flow through the body.

Enjoying warm oil yoni massage
Light candles in the bedroom, play soft sensual music in the background, create a soft setting with blankets and pillows to support and relax into and also communicate with one another, if not with words, with loving action.

Tantra is all about surrendering the mind and body to allow it to embrace a slow, erotic, artful arousal, gently teasing and building up tension and letting go of all inhibitions and connecting with your core.

I will show you how to pay attention to each breath, inhale and exhale and focus only on the here and now. Thoughts will come and go, allow them to. Only pay attention to the connection and the sensations that are happening within the body and the mind, remembering the goal is not to achieve an orgasm, the orgasm will likely happen, although it is not something to focus on.

After the initial talk and the client is laying face down on the massage table my hands will have been gently resting on their shoulders beginning the contact between giver and receiver. Starting to create that sacred space that from now on we will be sharing. They will then be massaged from head to toe, including a foot and head massage. Your entire body will be massaged, leaving nothing untouched and stimulating your many erogenous zones, including light touches between your thighs occasionally lightly brushing against your vagina. Warm oils will give you new sensations to experience and feeling the warm oils between your buttocks and thighs start to slowly stimulate the sacred space. This can last 30 to 40 minutes, every subject is different and responds in their own way.

After about 30 to 40 minutes I then ask the cleint to turn over so they are on their back, and here
Thinking about the pleasure of a Yoni Massage
some clients feel vulnerable and in that case a soft cloth can be used as a cover, but will be gently removed as the massage progresses. The massage of your front begins again from head to toe with slow strokes and warm oils. Your breast, hips, lower tummy, inner thighs all receive my attention again. One of the most comfortable positions to experience a Yoni massage is for the female to lie on her back, legs open, bent at the knees. A pillow can also be placed under the hips to tilt them slightly.

It is quite normal for the one receiving the massage to go into a trance like state although this should not be forced, but if achieved may heighten the intensity and pleasure of the experience.

The Yoni massage will only begin when the body is fully relaxed and all tension has been released.
Permission is always asked before proceeding.

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Harry Spencer

Women are empowered when they worship, own and embrace their sexuality.

The connection with your sexual self is the thing that transforms you from female into brilliant Goddess and it is likewise what stirs your body to an array of powerful and healing sensations.

In it's fundamental aspect a Yoni massage is an internal massage of the vagina that is a part of the exotic Tantric experience. It is a full mind, body and soul encounter; it is enabling, mending and arousing and it is a celebration of all that you are as woman.

The massage is significantly more a mental and profound experience than it is physical, consequently it is experienced differently depending upon the emotional and mental association at the time. It is a pleasurable blessing that should be given slowly as it is a deep expression of appreciation.

Our physical, spiritual and emotional health are all connected to our sexual organs, therefore, if there are any blockages due to toxins, our life force also known as sexual energy cannot travel freely through the body.

During a Yoni massage blockages are discharged, poisons are broken down and the blood flow is expanded to the sexual organs. Female ejaculation often happens amid the massage, which encourages the release of any negative feelings and furthermore it clears the sacred space to permit a more profound level of sexual joy to be enoy.

While the massage is occurring, knots that hold negative feeling are felt as little blockages in the surface, which can be relaxed and separated and more profound tangles can likewise be diffused with
Relax into pleasure with Yoni Massage
a firmer massage at a greater depth.

Emotional, physical, and mental healing happens amid the Yoni session. Every past hurt can be discharged including frustration, guilt, shame, abuse, disappointments and more.

To make it the truly memorable experience it should be, it is better to unwind into it and enable it to happen naturally, and treat it as a new experience, so there is no attachment to the result. Appreciate every minute and consider it to be an otherworldly pilgrimage, without thinking ahead and furthermore without adding any pressure or having any perceived.

The Yoni experience is a way to a deep, enriching connection, and also a path to spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Before the Yoni massage takes place, I recommend connecting with your inner-Goddess and recognising your beauty, divine strength and the powerful aspects of the femininity.

These are things I assit you with during the pre meeting, allowing you to truly let go.

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Harry Spencer

Rise of the 'yoni' massage: How women are paying up to £300 for the intimate treatment that could help them to have better sex!

Deep massage has for a long time been known to help ease indications of stress and help us feel more chilled - be that as it may, another craze is promoting a marginally more intimate session.

The "yoni" is accessible solely to ladies as the private massage carried out by a specialist professional - yet essentially a stranger - who concentrates the final part of the session solely on the vagina.

Yoni massage
 Although many accomplish a climax during the massage, which can cost up to £300 a session, the fundamental concentration of the "ritual" is realising what feels good, which could prompt better sex.

In spite of the fact that the session - which are accessible in the UK, US and Australia - focuses on discovering pleasure, the yoni massage is said to have been powerful in helping ladies adapt to trauma and additionally getting over a separation.

It starts with receivers encountering a full body massage keeping in mind the end goal is to relax them ahead of the main event with erogenous zones, for example, their bosoms being touched.

A specialist will then massage the clients labia while they work on breathing excersises. The masseur may also venture inside the vagina to search out any "tight" spots with the aim to discharge the tension.

"Yoni" originates from the sanskrit word for vulva which is the region that is for the most part massaged during the session.

Isis Phoenix, a physical sexologist who has practical experience in yoni massage in the US, says welcoming effectively a stranger to touch a woman's vagina can energize a restorative response.

She revealed to Women's Health: 'A yoni massage is a function where a lady is invited to seize touch on her vulva.

'When we welcome touch, there's an opportunity to cleanse a a sense of energy.'

The therapist added that the experience doesn't have to be an intrusive one. She continued: 'It can go as far as women want it to go. She may just want her yoni held.'

Despite the fact that a climax is not the point of the session Isis concedes that she wants to urge her customers to rediscover their erogenous zones.

She added: 'The biggest benefit is that they feel a sense of embodied wisdom of what gives them pleasure,'

Mangala Holland, from Mystic Sex, is a tantra instructor principally in Australia and the US. She offers ladies classes on yoni massage.

'Women - you don't need to "wait to find the right man" to explore Tantra. Nothing helped me evolve my femininity and my sexuality faster than receiving Tantric yoni massages.
'I released blockages, accessed cervical and g-spot orgasms, healed old wounds and frustrations and found the source of my feminine power.

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