Sunday, 7 May 2017

Preparing the body, mind and spirit to experience a Yoni Massage

To prepare for a Yoni massage it is important to create a sacred space for it to take place, a safe haven to explore and discover the sacredness of the Yoni.

Bathe first, adding oils, and soak the skin while letting go of everything that has been spinning around in the mind. Do not rush this cleansing time. Use it as a chance to really let go and allow the muscles to relax while the mind slows right down and clears the way for the sensual sexual energy to flow through the body.

Enjoying warm oil yoni massage
Light candles in the bedroom, play soft sensual music in the background, create a soft setting with blankets and pillows to support and relax into and also communicate with one another, if not with words, with loving action.

Tantra is all about surrendering the mind and body to allow it to embrace a slow, erotic, artful arousal, gently teasing and building up tension and letting go of all inhibitions and connecting with your core.

I will show you how to pay attention to each breath, inhale and exhale and focus only on the here and now. Thoughts will come and go, allow them to. Only pay attention to the connection and the sensations that are happening within the body and the mind, remembering the goal is not to achieve an orgasm, the orgasm will likely happen, although it is not something to focus on.

After the initial talk and the client is laying face down on the massage table my hands will have been gently resting on their shoulders beginning the contact between giver and receiver. Starting to create that sacred space that from now on we will be sharing. They will then be massaged from head to toe, including a foot and head massage. Your entire body will be massaged, leaving nothing untouched and stimulating your many erogenous zones, including light touches between your thighs occasionally lightly brushing against your vagina. Warm oils will give you new sensations to experience and feeling the warm oils between your buttocks and thighs start to slowly stimulate the sacred space. This can last 30 to 40 minutes, every subject is different and responds in their own way.

After about 30 to 40 minutes I then ask the cleint to turn over so they are on their back, and here
Thinking about the pleasure of a Yoni Massage
some clients feel vulnerable and in that case a soft cloth can be used as a cover, but will be gently removed as the massage progresses. The massage of your front begins again from head to toe with slow strokes and warm oils. Your breast, hips, lower tummy, inner thighs all receive my attention again. One of the most comfortable positions to experience a Yoni massage is for the female to lie on her back, legs open, bent at the knees. A pillow can also be placed under the hips to tilt them slightly.

It is quite normal for the one receiving the massage to go into a trance like state although this should not be forced, but if achieved may heighten the intensity and pleasure of the experience.

The Yoni massage will only begin when the body is fully relaxed and all tension has been released.
Permission is always asked before proceeding.

Read how the session works from beginning to end on my website

Harry Spencer

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