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Rise of the 'yoni' massage: How women are paying up to £300 for the intimate treatment that could help them to have better sex!

Deep massage has for a long time been known to help ease indications of stress and help us feel more chilled - be that as it may, another craze is promoting a marginally more intimate session.

The "yoni" is accessible solely to ladies as the private massage carried out by a specialist professional - yet essentially a stranger - who concentrates the final part of the session solely on the vagina.

Yoni massage
 Although many accomplish a climax during the massage, which can cost up to £300 a session, the fundamental concentration of the "ritual" is realising what feels good, which could prompt better sex.

In spite of the fact that the session - which are accessible in the UK, US and Australia - focuses on discovering pleasure, the yoni massage is said to have been powerful in helping ladies adapt to trauma and additionally getting over a separation.

It starts with receivers encountering a full body massage keeping in mind the end goal is to relax them ahead of the main event with erogenous zones, for example, their bosoms being touched.

A specialist will then massage the clients labia while they work on breathing excersises. The masseur may also venture inside the vagina to search out any "tight" spots with the aim to discharge the tension.

"Yoni" originates from the sanskrit word for vulva which is the region that is for the most part massaged during the session.

Isis Phoenix, a physical sexologist who has practical experience in yoni massage in the US, says welcoming effectively a stranger to touch a woman's vagina can energize a restorative response.

She revealed to Women's Health: 'A yoni massage is a function where a lady is invited to seize touch on her vulva.

'When we welcome touch, there's an opportunity to cleanse a a sense of energy.'

The therapist added that the experience doesn't have to be an intrusive one. She continued: 'It can go as far as women want it to go. She may just want her yoni held.'

Despite the fact that a climax is not the point of the session Isis concedes that she wants to urge her customers to rediscover their erogenous zones.

She added: 'The biggest benefit is that they feel a sense of embodied wisdom of what gives them pleasure,'

Mangala Holland, from Mystic Sex, is a tantra instructor principally in Australia and the US. She offers ladies classes on yoni massage.

'Women - you don't need to "wait to find the right man" to explore Tantra. Nothing helped me evolve my femininity and my sexuality faster than receiving Tantric yoni massages.
'I released blockages, accessed cervical and g-spot orgasms, healed old wounds and frustrations and found the source of my feminine power.

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